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Frequently Asked Questions

No. You will be provided with coloured bibs, corresponding to the colours of your chosen nation, so that you don’t have to worry about everyone wearing the same colour. Because you know there will always be that one person who shows up in the wrong colour! We don’t provide shorts or socks, only a
You’re going to get hot in the bubbles, especially during the summer. Wear light clothing such as thin t-shirts or vests and shorts to avoid overheating. If you find yourself getting too hot and sweaty, inform the referee who will stop the game for 60 seconds so that you can have a drink.
You should wear the type of footwear you would normally wear when playing on outdoor artificial grass pitches. In other words, football . If you play in other footwear such as daps, slip-ons, espadrilles or even slippers, you are endangering yourself.
Yes. There are toilets at the venue.
Yes. There are plenty of spaces to park.
Please ensure that you have arrived on time and please help yourselves to the changing rooms to get prepared. We will then come and call you from the main foyer area once you are ready
We normally cover a 50 mile radius from our base in Heath Park, CF14 4YS. Any travel within this radius is included in your price. However, if you wish for us to travel a little further, the additional mileage becomes chargeable at 50 pence per mile.
Rental of the zorbs, Insurance, a trained Footbubble Marshal and venue.

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