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Bubble Football

The phenomenon that is Zorb Football has swept the UK in 2015 and its profile is to continue to rocket deep into 2016 and beyond. Our flagship event brings you the twist on our beautiful game, jam packed with our unique smaller sided games to provide you with one unforgettable event! From Bulldog to Capture the Area and Last Person Standing the games cater for all of those ready to jump inside a bubble and join in the UK's fastest growing craze! When you see one of your friends get launched across the pitch, bounce upside down 3 times and roll 360 your heart goes into your mouth however our zorbs are designed and made for safety first so as hard as you hit, you and your friends will keep on going back for more! What makes us stand out from the crowd you ask? Each of our coordinators is handpicked and trained to deliver this event with the fun and friendly atmosphere which it deserves and delivered in a professional manner to the highest standard. We pride ourselves on providing you with the best Zorb Football events on the market and one thing we know is that our coordinators will be on hand to make sure the event runs safely and smoothly. With our astronomical success  in the UK we are now operating in the top European destinations of Dublin and Amsterdam and across the pond in LA. This event is perfect for Stag Do's, Hen Do's, Kids and Adult parties, Corporate Events or Team Building days

Event Includes

  • 10 Zorbs ( 5 blue and 5 red)
  • Coordinator
  • Pitch Hire
  • Goal Posts if required
  • Football

The Pitch

The event can be held on any 3G 5 a side pitch, Astro turf surface, Indoor 5 a-side venue, or on a grass pitch providing that there is a power supply nearby. If you have any special requests do not hesitate to contact the team.

The Game

To start the group will have a practice and get used to being into the zorbs and bouncing off once another and getting back up and the real fun begins. The game will start with a normal 5 a-side game of football in the Zorbs. The coordinator will then break the game down into a number of Zorb based games such as bulldog, last man standing, capture the flag, sumo 1vs1. We pride ourselves on our professional and unique delivery and have the belief that Zorb events are so much more than just Zorb football.


Once participants have been given their health and safety briefing, been shown a demonstration of how to get into and out of the Zorb, allow the participants a couple of minutes to familiarise themselves with the Zorbs.

Suggestion would be to do a very simple running race from one end of the pitch to the other end.

Bubble Football Games

Normal rules apply with Zorb Football as they would with normal football. A goal is scored by getting the ball in the back of the net! Starting and restarting the game can be varied but is advisable to have both teams inside their own penalty area and encourage both teams to run into the middle of the pitch towards the ball that has been thrown in or placed in by the coordinator. Running in at pace is encouraged to promote big but SAFE collisions with the zorbs.

Allow the game to flow and reiterate if someone has been knocked over they must be given space and time to get back up as what would have been mentioned in the safety brief.

If you have a larger group than ten, allow time for substitutions and rotations of participants.

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