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Dec 28


Written by  Andrew

Footbubble recently made a live appearance on Saturday morning TV for television broadcaster S4C. We were asked to provide a couple of zorbs for Stwnsh Sadwrn so that hosts Geraint and Tuds could engage in an epic zorb football battle (also called bubble football) between themselves. A makeshift football pitch was put together in the studio car park, complete with haystacks for barricades on the touchlines, and the stage was set with a beautiful blue sky above us.

With a number of young fans cheering on for the guys, it was sure to be an entertaining match. The premise behind the game was for Geraint and Tuds to score as many goals as they could in a quickfire two minute session. To provide extra support, both players had a goalkeeper each, just to make it a bit harder to score! In the end, Tuds was the victor, beating Geraint quite comfortably with Footbubble’s Finance Director Andrew as makeshift ‘goalie’ keeping a clean sheet in the process.

Da iawn Tuds and Andrew!

Catch Footbubble on Stwnsh Sadwrn from 14:33 onwards


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