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Now, I’m sure you have heard of “Footgolf” by now, if you haven’t, it’s exactly that. Golf where you kick a football rather than using a club, and let’s be honest who doesn’t love either golf or football?

We are excited to bring you the latest UK craze with our coordinators on hand every step of the way to run the event and hand out the forfeits! One of our coordinators will be there to meet and great your group, and be on hand to walk them round the course hole by hole, whilst of course adding to the games along the way. This is the very valuable personal touch that this great game was missing from this industry. Our coordinators are there to mix it up a little, by adding games such as longest drive (kick) and closest to the Pin, along with a few little other games which we will leave as a surprise. We pride ourselves on being best supplier of Footgolf into the stag and hen market. Please also be warned that due to the nature of these courses they may be up to 30mins drive from your city of choice so Cabs or cars will be required. This event is perfect for Stag Do's, Adult parties, Corporate Events, Team Building Days.

Event Price Includes:

  • Co-Coordinator
  • Green fees
  • Footballs
  • Course Scorecards
  • Forfeit Sheet
  • Prizes such as Closest to pin, longest drive, individual and team prizes.

The Team

To be decided on the day – Max of 5 players per team.

The Pitch

This event will be held on official Footgolf courses or on a course that has been adapted for Footgolf. Course lengths and pars will depend on the individual course.

The Game

The game will involve a round of Footgolf in which the participant kicks a ball a number of times until the ball is in the hole. The rules will be outlined by the coordinator before the event and there will also be a forfeit sheet which will be handed to the group after the game.

Each player will play their own ball and will take it in turns to tee off and then play their own balls respectively until the ball is in the hole. In this respect it is similar to golf. However, it wouldn’t be our event without a twist. There will be a number of forfeits dished out to players by our coordinator if they fail to comply with our own Footgolf rules. The winner will be the player who shoots the lowest score around the course. The forfeit sheet will then be handed to the group for them to take out on their night out. We advise that groups wear their best or wackiest golf attire to make the day even more fun!


This event is available in any major city location however due to the nature of the event being held at Footgolf Courses the venue can be between 20 and 25 miles away. Please contact the team to find your local course.


The duration of this event will depend on the group size and how long it takes the group to get round the course. The event will last for around 1 – 2 hours.

General Info

We offer this event all year round, however if the course is closed for weather related issues then the event will not go ahead. Safety is paramount for all our customers. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the team. 

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