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This is an absolutely hilarious event which is simply bonkers to get your head around whether you are watching or taking part. Our in house game developer has scoured the globe in order to find the perfect goggles for this event, showing our continued desire to bring you the most innovative events on the market. Our research finally landed us in a foreign land where we found the perfect goggles which provide the perfect strength of visual impairment to make the event the nationwide success we know it will become.

The event entails a game of football whilst wearing goggles that take the ball 10x further away. Or closer to you. Watching people take fresh air kick after fresh air kick and then seeing the bemusement on their face is priceless! The smaller sided games have been developed in line with the goggles to not only enhance our event but to add the ultimate twist on the beautiful game

Flashbacks of those air kicks will leave you in fits of laughter for days after the event! This even is perfect for Stag Do's, Corporate Events, Team Building Days.

Event Includes

  • GOGGLE Football Goggles
  • GOGGLE Football Bibs
  • Footballs
  • Event Coordinator
  • Venue hire

The Team

The teams will be divided up depending on the final number of people in the group

The Pitch

The event can be held on any 3G 5 a side pitch, Astro turf surface, Indoor 5 a-side venue, or on a grass pitch. If you have any special requests do not hesitate to contact the team.

The Game

This event takes you to the match day with the smaller sided warm up games before diving into the full game. However this wouldn’t be one of our events without a twist. We have thrown in specially designed Goggles to make the games 10 times harder. Games such as Rondo possession and the American/English penalty shoot outs may seem simple usually however the goggles will see you missing the ball and chasing thin air as you battle against your mates. After trying to find your bearings we will throw you in at the deep end with a game of 5 a-side. Footballing ability and size are thrown out of the window as our special goggles make the “oh so simple” seemingly hard. This event is guaranteed to have you in fits of laughter with a number of air shots and seeing your mates run 5 yards in the other direction thinking the ball is in front of them is not to be missed.

Warm Up/Running Games (15mins)

Run around cones and into end zone, once player in, next one goes. First team in end zone win. Progression, same race with football

Progression, objective get five footballs into end zone. Player dribbles out around cones with ball into end zone. Sprints back tags with player 2 and together take 2nd ball to end zone by going around cones. Repeat process until all 5 players are tagged together final ball to end zone as a team. Repeat game with player 5 going first. First team with all balls and players in end zone win.

Circle ‘Rondo’ (10mins)

Keep ball practice, two players wearing goggles are defenders, trying to win ball back. Eight other players are non-wearing goggle players.

Competition - Players wearing the goggles have 1 minute to win the ball, intercept the ball, as many times as possible from the other 8 players. Once minute is up, keep the total the pair made and pass goggles on to two new defenders to wear goggles and repeat process.

Progression – could play twice in circle format or switch to possession game in coned area.

Small Sided Game (10mins)

1 player wears the goggles for 2 minutes, once 2 minutes are up the goggles must then be worn by another player. All members from the team must wear the goggles within 10 minute game including the GK.

If a player wearing the goggles scores a goal that can be a bonus point or goal or can be a forfeit for the opposition.

Normal rules of football apply once 10 minute game is up the team with most goals win.

American/English Penalty Shootout (10mins)

American -Two teams of five take alternate penalty kicks/Penalty taker and GK to wear the goggles. Penalty taker dribbles with ball from cone to cone then takes shot at goal.

English- GK and penalty taker must wear goggles Team with most goals win

Small Sided Game (15mins)

Break down to 3 x 5 minute games.

5mins – All players to wear the goggles. Any goals scored can be worth double points.

5mins – Free play, no players wearing goggles, normal football rules apply. Score from previous game rolls over to this game. Only 1 point if goal is scored in this game.

5mins- Optional for players. Give the players, within reason, the ownership to create final game rules and conditions i.e. stag might wear goggles.

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